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How Can Modern Utility Billing Software Help Utility Companies?

Advancements in technology have introduced a concept of utility building automation software to the new age utility companies. Before you learn more about the special software, it is important to know what utility billing is. Utility billing is the detailed form of an invoice created at the end of each month for the utilities such as natural gas, water, and. electricity.

Today, there are various utility billing software solutions to assist such utility companies with their modern utility management services and to bill the customers on behalf of the utility company. These software systems can track the usage of utilities by consumers or any business organization. Here, the final monthly detailed invoice would be based on the standard units. In simple words, the software for utility billing collects the utility usage data and structures the utility bill accordingly. Below, we have detailed the key features of Talygen's utility billing software.

Key Capabilities of Modern Utility Billing Automation Software

  1. Billing Automation and Management

With the introduction of automation, it is much easier to enter data and key conditions into the billing process. The users can designate the currency type and payment method in the software while creating a bill. The billing history will be automatically updated. Users can set specific limits on bills.

  1. Admin Configuration Panel

In Talygen's admin configuration panel, admins can configure the billing panel to fulfill company requirements. Also, company admins can assign appropriate charges to the bills.

  1. Generation of Dynamic Reports

Talygen's billing software can generate dynamic customer reports with customization options and flagging errors. The software allows users to fix any billing errors.

  1. Invoicing

Talygen's utility billing software features a customizable billing format with modules for summary addition and multiple payment gateways.

  1. Client Features

Talygen also includes a client portal. The client portal includes features like access to payment gateways, ticketing, and unified communication options.

  1. Rating and charging

Talygen's billing software follows the standard market rate while charging consumers and businesses for utility use throughout the month. They also provide options for availing advance discounts and deals.

  1. Revenue and customer management

Talygen gives clients a fair insight into the billing process, which maintains transparency between the business and its customers.


Talygen is a leading provider of utility billing software. This software is highly efficient, secure, and includes a client-friendly user interface. To learn more about Talygen's utility billing software, visit

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